When we find the English word blend on a tea package, it means that it is a tea blend. Tea blends are usually used for black teas, but other types of tea may also be present in a blend.

Tea is a very specific plant that readily accepts any aroma during its preparation. This can be very well exploited in the preparation of blends.

Combining different teas creates a unique end product that has a specific taste.

In this way, it is also possible to compensate for differences in the quality of tea leaves and between seasons. The quality of the harvest depends on the climatic conditions. Therefore, it is the job of the taster (tea-taster) to ensure that the final product is constant, as the consumer demands what he is used to.

Additional flavoring ingredients may be added to tea.

Harmony should be the hallmark of any balanced tea blend. The producer must take care that one ingredient does not overpower the other, for example, a strong cardamom can completely overpower a delicate rose.

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