Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF)

Broken orange pekoe fannings is the so-called tea leaf classification grade. It is a marking that determines the quality of the tea. It is used for black teas and possibly also red teas.

Orange pekoe is a basic term that explains what actually goes into tea. In this case, it is most often the buds and two tea leaves.

In terms of tea quality, the buds are the most important, as they are the youngest on the plant and therefore the highest quality. They are also called tips.

There are other labels that can tell us what the tea will be like.

The term fannings then points to a crumb tea. The resulting tea therefore contains tiny tea particles that are free of tips (buds).

This results in a tea that is dark and strong in flavour. The teas are quick to infuse and typically have a high yield.

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