Broken Pekoe Souchong (BPS)

Broken pekoe souchong is one of the grades of tea classification. It defines the quality of the tea (or tea leaf) and is mainly used for black teas, or even red teas.

The term broken is used to distinguish broken teas, sometimes also referred to as broken or crushed. It refers to those teas that are not made up of whole tea leaves.

In contrast, with the help of a machine, they are first broken and then formed into tiny solid balls.

We use the term pekoe souchong to refer to the third leaf. This term therefore determines which tea leaves are found in the tea.

The term broken pekoe souchong refers primarily to pekoe from Darjeeling and from Assam. Such tea already contains large leaves and many stems, so the quality is not as high. However, the advantage for the consumer may be that it is cheaper.

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