This term is used in tea terminology to refer to the white substance used to wipe chawan (otherwise also written as chawan or chawan). This means a bowl for making matcha tea. The tea is not only whisked in this bowl, but also served.

This small cloth is usually square in shape. It may take the form of linen, or it may be made from hemp. Historically, one of the most prized is the high-quality bleached hemp cloth of Narazarashi from the Nara Prefecture.

The size of chakin (also chakin) cloth can vary from one another, with perhaps the most common size being about 30 x 15 cm.

The edges are finished with an overlock stitch.

The chakin is folded in a specific way, and when not in use, it is placed in a small container (most often made of ceramic) that is called a kinto.

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