Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP)

This is a classification grade that determines the quality of the tea leaf. This scale is primarily applied to black teas, and possibly red teas as well.

The term broken is traditionally used for fractional teas. This type of tea is otherwise called broken, or you may also encounter the term crushed. It is therefore a category of teas that are not made up of whole leaves. These are still quality teas.

Some tea lovers, however, do not recognize them.

Flowery orange pekoe refers to the so-called tip and first tea leaf. It is therefore the finest quality that can be obtained from the tea plant. Simply, when picking, the higher up on the plant you pick the leaves, the younger and therefore the better quality they are.

The resulting tea contains a lot of young leaves that are well rolled, and tipsy.

In terms of the characteristics of the resulting beverage, therefore, it is a tea that is inherently excellent in both taste and aroma.

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