Gong fu cha (ritual)

This is a Chinese method that has been developed since the 16th century. In the Czech Republic, this method is sometimes mistakenly called scalding or rinsing. This ritual can also be done at home.

Necessities for the tea ceremony

If you don’t do much tea, the following will be enough to get you started:

  1. a pot of hot water
  2. tea pot
  3. a long spoon
  4. ceramic cups
  5. a kitchen scale
  6. a small tea towel
  7. a tea thermometer

Does this seem complicated already? Don’t worry, it really isn’t. The goal of this method is not that you follow the procedure exactly. It is about experiencing the aromas and nuances that quality teas offer.

It is best to do this ritual in company, when you can properly experience it. 

Step by Step

The first very important step is to make sure you choose the right kind of tea. The most used teas for this ritual are Oolong, Pu Erhy,…

  1. Prepare all your tools in one place. It is a good idea to find a comfortable position and surround yourself with nature (different stones, flowers or twigs). 
  2. The teapot and cups must be rinsed with hot water. This heats them up to the temperature they should be at. 
  3. After heating, the tea leaves are immediately poured into the cup. 
  4. The tea is then rinsed – boiled water is poured into half of the teapot. The temperature of the water should match with the type of tea – you can usually find this information on the leaflet. After a short period of time, usually after 30 seconds, the water is drained off. The resulting infusion is not to be drunk!
  5. The moist tea in the teapot is poured over the boiled water. The leaves are stirred with a spoon and left to infuse. 
  6. The tea is poured into the cups in a clockwise circular motion. 
  7. You can then enjoy the first infusion and then prepare the next.

It is said that the finest tea comes after some second to fourth infusion – so one thing is true – EXPERIMENT!

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