Heicha is a traditional dark tea from Guangxi province, which can be found nowhere else but in China. Most of the tea we know today comes from China and Japan. This tea undergoes a fermentation process. Similarly like Pu-erha.

During fermentation, tea leaves are exposed to high humidity in a warm environment. The temperature of the environment is regulated by adding water. 


After fermentation, it undergoes maturation in large bamboo cassettes. The resulting tea has a distinct woody and mossy taste that makes it very easy to drink. Heicha is literally translated as “black tea”, and in the West this is used to refer to anything known as dark tea or also tea after fermentation. 


Like Liubao, Heicha has an important position in Chinese medicine. These teas are peculiar in that they have a double rare quality, namely:

  1. warmth
  2. coolness

It is believed that tea removes excess moisture and can also warm the body when needed. Like Liubao, Heicha is a good aid to digestion, so this tea is suitable both before and after meals. 

How to prepare

Brewing this tea is recommended at least at 90 degrees Celsius for 3 – 4 minutes.

You can repeat the infusion several times depending on your taste. 

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