The calabash is a vessel that is used to consume Maté. The previous topic, the metal Bombilla stick, is also related to the drinking of Maté.

Their materials

Calabashes are made  primarily from pumpkin, but it is not a requirement. For example, calabashes that are made from:

  • wood or
  • ceramic, are considered to be long-lasting products. 

Initiation Ritual

Among the activities you should not skip when buying Kalabasa is to perform what is called an initiation ritual. This will get rid of the various residues of the pulp. If you perform this activity, you will be able to prepare a drink that will have the desired taste. 

It is important to give the calabash a little rest at least once every 2 days to keep it from molding.

You can tell if it is mouldy by the dark black coating or the mushroom smell. 


The calabash was formerly used as a container for water. All originated in South America, similar to the Bombilla. Kalabasa played an important role in the rituals of the local natives.

In the 17th century, South America began exporting calabashes to Europe.

The products then began to be decorated with various precious metals or different carved materials. The countries that later focused on their production were Germany and France. 

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