The word kensui refers to the containers that are used for waste water in a tea ceremony (typically the chanoy matcha wheel).They are used in tea ceremonies, but are suitable for any tea preparation.

When you need to rinse dishes (a bowl or brush) or spill excess water, the kensui is just the thing.

It pours not only water, but also no longer needed tea leaves.

In addition to the machine-made ones, there are still handmade kensui. The range of materials from which these vessels can be made is quite wide. Ceramics, bronze, copper and other metals or variously treated woods are commonly used.

The range of sizes used is also variable.

Decoration is a matter of taste, and motifs can vary widely. The jar can also be used as a tea sea. However, during the tea ritual, the aim is not to draw the attention of guests to this decoration.

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