Liubao takes its name from the village of Liu Bao. Here, tea production began as early as 1500 years ago. Its character is very reminiscent of dark puerhs, but its overall character is quite different.

When these teas are of good quality, their aroma is largely reminiscent of areca nut.  In tea, the darker the better, as with other types.

Aged tea affects…

This is an aged black tea that is known for its health benefits, which include:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • preventing arteriosclerosis
  • reducing body fat,…

As is probably obvious by now, teas used to be made and processed a little differently than they are today. Sometimes even teas from the past don’t resemble what we actually drink today. We absolutely love our teas, but we don’t even know how they were made in the past. Liubao is a style of tea brewed just from history.

It’s almost admirable that this practice has been preserved to this day and even today this tea is still drunk. 

What the name means

The word Liu Bao translates to Six Castles, from which we can also deduce that the name alone is full of history. The name is meant to refer to the fortresses that are in the Guangxi area and existed long ago.

The reason is that this tea was made in Liu Bao, a village that was supposedly located in this province. Liubao tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty, which dates back to the 618-907 period, and later the Qing Dynasty.

In this period, tea was one of the most prized teas. 

This tea is usually drunk before meals, at which time it acts as a kind of probiotic and cleanses our intestines. But it is equally possible to drink it after a meal, when it again aids digestion. Tea is also said to improve the mind and therefore prepare you for a hard day’s work. 

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