Mao Cha / Maocha

Mao Cha literally translates to “fluffy tea”. It is practically a semi-finished product that is created at some stage in the production of pu-erh tea, an exclusive drink.

Rumored to have been reserved exclusively for production on the direct order of the Chinese emperor.

This tea is grown in China’s Yunnan province. The area is located at a high altitude and has a specific climate. Pu-erh is produced from only one type of tea bush. In processing, so-called post-fermentation is used.

In the beginning, the tea leaves are first allowed to wilt. For this process we have the name sheng.

Then comes the next stage, which we call sha-ching (killing the green).

The leaves are heated in a pan, then rolled up and left to dry in the sun. The raw material is then called just mao cha or mao cha.

This is fermented in the next stage, called shu, which requires specific conditions, especially regarding humidity and temperature.

It is then steamed and pressed.

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