Nacume / natsume

The term nacume or natsume refers to a powder tea (typically Japanese matcha) container used in the preparation of usucha. A powder tea jar used in the preparation of koichi is called a chaire.

This is a smaller container with a flat lid and a round bottom. The name of this container is based on its resemblance to the natume fruit, the fruit of the date gourd (Chinese red dates). It is usually made of varnished or untreated wood.

The bowl is mainly used for short-term storage of matcha tea.

It is an integral part of the traditional tea ceremony, to which it mainly adds a more aesthetic effect and acts as a kind of enriching element.

Thanks to the solid lid, you can also use it for practical tea storage  on the go. However, this jar is not recommended for permanent storage.

It is preferable to have a resealable stainless steel jar or a container with an internal plastic cap ready for these cases.

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