Shiboridashi is a product from Japan used for drinking premium Japanese tea. Premium Japanese teas include, for example, Sencha. Shiboridashi is a clay teapot from Tokoname that is handmade. 

These are cooking pots that are without handles and are roughly the size of your palm.

They have been adapted for slow cooking at low temperatures. Shiboridashi literally translates to squeeze, which is why Shiboridashi is best known for squeezing the natural umami (the so-called fifth taste) out of shaded Japanese teas. 


These vessels are mostly made of unglazed clay, so they need special care. Your normal routine after using the jar should therefore include:

  1. dry it well after use and do not leave the tea leaves in the container overnight,
  2. this will prevent mold and other contaminants from forming,
  3. if necessary, you can also wash the container with water or scrub it with a soft brush (such as a toothbrush),
  4. do not use soap or other products on the jar as they may soak into the clay
  5. do not put the jar in the dishwasher or microwave.

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