A bombilla is a metal tube that is used to drink mate. Maté is a highly stimulating drink from South America. It is prepared from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly.

This is an evergreen tree, about 15 m tall, which is widespread in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, but mainly in Argentina. In Argentina, Maté is considered the national drink. You may also hear names such as straw or straw.

Bombilla is made up of three parts

A to: 

  1. tips (also known as mouthpiece), 
  2. long neck 
  3. net


The bombilla, or rather the neck of the bombilla, is decorated with various ornaments. The ornaments also have a purpose, so they are not there for nothing. They have:

  • protect the hand that holds the tubes from burning
  • strengthen the joint between the end of the mouthpiece and the beginning of the neck


The sieve found on the bombille is used to strain the leaves and to crush the mate. And the bottom part with the strainer is most of the time used as a cleaner for the container after the drink is recharged. Bombilla is most often made of bamboo, stainless steel, alpaca or new silver, which is more commonly known as argentine.

Shape and size can vary, depending primarily on what the product is made of.

The quality of the product greatly affects how you will experience the drink. One of the best options is the collapsible Bombilla, which, because you can unfold it, you can clean easily. The round and flattened shape of the strainer, in turn, helps to filter out dust better. It will also allow for better handling when preparing your drink. 

As we’ve covered today, the beginning of the Bombilly’s neck is often decorated with ornaments.

Every manufacturer takes care to ensure that the product leaves them in a sufficiently sublime manner to make the experience of drinking the drink a true gem for the next owner. 

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