Rolling / Roller

The road from tea leaves to a delicious drink is quite long. The processing of tea has several stages and one of them is rolling.

Some teas are still processed by hand. Commonly, however, this stage of tea processing takes place in what is known as a roller.

This takes the form of an iron table over which is placed a hollow cylinder-shaped sump.

The tea leaf is twisted in it by the spinning of the plates into what is called a twist. This is how the tea is processed for about 20 minutes. The aim of this procedure is to disturb the leaf and trigger the release of cell sap, which contains enzymes.

Rolling is very important for the quality of the tea.

It allows for proper fermentation at other stages of the production process. The whole process can also be repeated as needed. Keeping an eye on the level is key, as poorly executed scrolling will later negatively affect the appearance, durability, and taste of the tea.

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